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From Our Clients

director0804-2facingleft“We just rely on Jim… and that has really worked well for us.”

“Not only does (our new entryway) balance out the room space, it presents a more modern look for the house. It also made the space useable. People used to come in and immediately disperse. And now, when we have parties, people tend to stand here and gather here too! So, it’s made a big difference in how people perceive our home when they come in.

We just rely on Jim. ‘Jim, we have a project. What do you think? And get him to brainstorm with us. And that has really worked well for us.

Jim not only knows the building part of it, the technical side of it, but he also has a really good sense of decorating, of how a room should look. So he is able to make suggestions based on the parameters that the space creates while offering ideas that are distinctive and interesting. And he keeps offering until we say, ‘Yes, I really like that!'”

Richard Hynson
Thiensville, WI
Front entryway and bathroom remodel

gretchen“If you don’t get to know people, you’re operating from zero.”

“I really love this kitchen. And I think often about the fact that we did a lot of this together. We decided things together. We didn’t start with a design. There was just a general idea, and then we went from there. We developed ideas throughout the process. If you don’t get to know people, you’re operating from zero.

It was very easy to work with Jim. He always made it easy to do things. If I was on the wrong track, he got me back on the right track. He made suggestions. He didn’t just go with whatever I wanted, because I could have made some major mistakes. And he was very gentle and easy to work with. And I was very happy with the outcome. I really like working in this space.”

Milwaukee, WI
Kitchen and Dining room remodel