JDS Builders, LLC

Staying Put Or Starting Fresh?

I’m Staying Put

“I love my home, but there is a part of it that just isn’t working. I need some help to make my home work for me and be a beautiful space that I can enjoy for years to come.”

You may have been in your home for a long time or just moved in, but you need something more from it functionally. Maybe it’s a kitchen that is out-of-date and doesn’t have enough cabinet space, or a bathroom that doesn’t have a walk-in shower or a second sink. Whatever it is, you are ready to invest in making your home work for you. You want your space to bring a smile to your face rather than the frustration it causes now.

This is me!

I’m Starting Fresh

“I’m ready to build the home of my dreams. I know some of what I want, but I’m looking for a partner who will be there through the entire design and build process.”

You have probably been thinking about building a home for a long time. You love the idea of building something new, rather than buying someone else’s plan. But, the process is a little overwhelming. You know how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want, and some of your favorite features and design preferences. You care about quality and craftsmanship. But you’d really like to have someone you trust who will walk with you through the process.

This is me!